Drive employee engagement to lower loss


It’s well established that engaged employees perform better. In retail, the impact of an employee who’s invested in their work is easy to see – it results in greater productivity, more customer satisfaction and a better bottom line.

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Ask the Retail Experts: Better LP investigations and tighter policies


Dear Experts,

A former Chipotle employee was just awarded $8 million after she was accused of stealing $636. How can I protect my company from this kind of situation?

— Regional Director, Audit


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NRF Protect 2018: What to look for


When I go to NRF Protect, I’m always struck by the wide swath of challenges LP professionals face each day. From ORC to data breaches to inventory shrink to cash loss – there’s a lot on your plate.

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3 ways to tackle retail compliance issues


An excerpt from Bad Stores and How to Fix Them


Lack of compliance with currency management procedures is a natural consequence of the industry’s high turnover — if staff is always changing, procedures get sloppy. But even without an ever-changing team, procedures and the ability to govern how and when they’re executed can suffer without the proper tools.

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Digging into retail deposit options


Shoppers making in-person purchases in 2018 have more payment choices at the register than ever before. They can pay with check, debit or credit, or by scanning their phone or watch. Or they can pull out their wallets and pay with cash — and despite convenient advances in payment technology, many do.


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It’s official: The cost of cash is more than you think


Get 10 retailers in a room and ask them what their most expensive form of payment is. What do you think they’ll say? I’d wager most of them would say credit – but they’d be wrong.

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3 next-level store audit tips to optimize your retail business


A colleague asked me recently what I’d tell someone just starting out in retail loss prevention or audit. While much has changed since I started as a store auditor, I still see one mistake again and again – treating audits as “gotcha” moments.


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11 important things retailers could be doing instead of managing store reports


When I was a district coordinator in a major retail chain, I was — as all retail leaders are  slammed. All the time. If I wasn’t forecasting sales or monitoring operational results, I was managing vendors and department heads. My favorite part of the job was being in stores and seeing how things were going day to day, but it felt like I was only there if there was a problem to solve. And, of course, I only heard about these problems when I’d spot them in the daily and weekly data deluges that flooded my email.

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Most-clicked topics reveal one of retailers’ top concerns


Our most-viewed blog posts of 2017 tell us quite a bit about what’s been on retailers’ minds this year. An overall theme seems to pop up when you look at the topics that had readers clicking — process improvement.

The retailers who read our blog are looking for ways to make the “have-tos” of retail more efficient so that their employees can be more productive. After all, spending time on tasks and processes doesn’t build customer loyalty or boost profits  spending time with customers does.

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Conversion rates and customer experience


No one likes to admit it, but every retailer has a few stores that are…less than ideal. One might even call them bad stores. But getting them on the right track is easier than you think if you analyze your stores’ conversion rates and what they mean to your customer experience.

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