Ask the Retail Experts: Managing self-checkouts


Dear Experts:

My company implemented self-checkouts a few years ago. Customers seem to love them, but they’re a challenge to properly manage. Any tips?

— Director, Store Operations

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Self-checkouts | Will cashless units work for your stores?


Self-checkouts have come in and out of fashion in the retail world over the last several years, and with good reason: They can be a double-edged sword for any retailer who implements them.

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The pitfalls of manual self-checkout management


While self-checkouts are a great convenience for customers, the tasks involved with manual self-checkout management can wreak havoc on back-office operations in your stores. Taking note of the potential issues that can arise will help you increase your self-checkouts’ effectiveness and value — both for your customers and your organization.

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Walmart shifts accounting jobs to customer service



When we tell you that automating currency management means you can move your employees to customer-facing positions instead of cash-counting positions, some people think that’s just code for “You don’t need those employees at all anymore.” And that’s not the case. Reallocating your high-value employees to customer service is the right move.

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How can retailers make more time for customer service?

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All retailers want to be able to make more time for customer service. A recent study of consumer behavior by TimeTrade reported that more than half of survey respondents indicated they were extremely likely to make a purchase if they were helped by a knowledgeable sales associate. If your employees are more available to your customers, spending in your stores is invariably increased. 

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